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Wa Bream Classics 2015 Rules


Kayak - The minimum age of all anglers is 17 years of age.

Boat- The minimum age is 17 years of age unless fishing with an official guardian or parent then mininum age is 13 years of age.

The ‘driver’ of the boat must hold a Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST).

The holder of the RST must have it with them for the duration of the competition.

For Each Event:
A copy of the boat insurance certificate must be submitted to the organisers to validate entry to the competition i.e. no insurance certificate no start.

A digital photograph of the boat must be submitted to the organisers prior to the start of an event.

At least one member of each team must possess a Boat Fishing

Licence – a copy to be provided to the event organisers.

A copy of the RST must be provided to the event organisers.

Entries close one week (7 days) before each event.

The organisers reserve the right to have the final say in acceptance of entry – i.e. submitting an entry does not guarantee acceptance.

All decisions by the organisers are final – an explanation will not necessarily be provided.

The WA Bream Classic Series is a lure and fly only, catch and release, Bream fishing competition.

Trolling is not permitted - Lure and fly CASTING only. Trolling is defined as using the momentum of the boat to give the lure action.

The use of baits is prohibited. Anyone caught using baits will be disqualified.

Competitors under the age of 18 years will not be eligible for prizes consisting of alcohol. Other prizes will be made available at the tournament organiser’s discretion.

Anglers must fish within the current fisheries rules and regulations. Boats - minimum length of 3.7metres; registered and insured with an engine of at least 15hp.

A copy of the insurance policy is to be submitted with your entry form.
Motors must be fitted with a lanyard attached to the kill switch. The lanyard is to be connected to the driver anytime the engine is operating.

Each competitor must have his or her own PFD. A minimum rating of PFD1 (or equivalent) applies and the PFD must be worn at the start and anytime the boat is on the plane; kayak competitors to wear their PFD at all times.

Any speed restrictions, non-boating or non-fishing areas must be adhered to. It is the competitors’ responsibility to obtain information on these items. The organisers will advise of any additional areas prior to the event.

If you are caught speeding you are automatically disqualified.

After registration and before the start, competitors vessels will be checked for empty live wells, safety gear and then issued with a key tag;

Live wells must be fully operational - recirculating and/or aerated and with a minimum capacity of 60l for boats and 25l for kayaks;

For Perth events; Fishing may take place anywhere in the Swan or Canning rivers with the exception of restricted areas and no further downstream than the old Fremantle Traffic Bridge.

Note: Barrack street jetty area and boat club is OUT of BOUNDS.

Note: The water ski area from the Burswood to the Swan River Trust (SRT) building is OUT of BOUNDS – this includes the SRT jetties.

Do not go past the ‘Dogs Prohibited’ sign on the west end of Heirisson Island

Do not go past the ‘All Boats must keep to the North of Heirisson Island’ sign on the east end of Heirisson Island

For Mandurah events; fishing may take place anywhere within the Mandurah Estuary system including the Murray and Serpentine Rivers.

Anglers are not permitted to fish outside their vessel at any time during the competition; this includes fighting and landing fish.

If you are asked to leave a private marina then you must do so immediately.

Anglers may only use one rod at a time while fishing including when a lure is snagged but still attached to the rod.

Be responsible at all times.

Competition organisers reserve the right to disallow unsafe boats from competing; they also reserve the right to disqualify who so ever does not abide by the above rulings.

Boats can return to the weigh in earlier than the designated time (usually 2.00pm but please confirm) however no further fishing can be undertaken by that boat.

All competitors must return their key tag to the tag board when they return to the event site. Organisers will search for late returns.

It is imperative that those competitors that finish early advise the organisers (contact Ian on 0409 088 552) to prevent an unnecessary search being instigated.

The competition organisers accept no responsibility or liability for any accident, loss or injury.

A pre-fishing ban is to commence from 12.00am on the Monday preceding the competition day until 7.00am Sunday (the day of the event). In other words no fishing by competitors in the designated fishing areas from the Monday prior to the competition.

Competitors are encouraged to have a first aid kit on their boat.

Each team to weigh a maximum of four fish (boats) and no more than four fish are to be retained on the boat. Kayaks – 3 fish.

You can upgrade - when a fifth fish (4 for kayaks) is caught; one of the five fish (4 for kayaks) on the boat is to be released leaving only four fish (3 for kayaks) retained on the boat.

Fish must be alive to be considered for weighing. The organiser’s decision is final.

Each fish must be minimum legal size (26cm to the tip)

Fish are to be released after the weigh in.

All anglers must be at the weigh in by the designated time (usually 2.00pm, but competitors should confirm this) any late arrivals will be penalised 50grams per minute and anglers returning later than 15 minutes after the finish time will be disqualified. The organiser may exercise discretion for exceptional circumstances.

Anglers will at all times abide by the rules and the organisers’ discretionary powers.

Anglers will conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner for the duration of the event. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the current and possibly future events.

If you do arrive late please contact Ian 0409 088 552 (safety issue).

You should not fish closer than 30m to another competitor without their express permission.

You should not “drop in” on another boats drift.

If another angler or boat is in distress it is expected that other competitors will render assistance.

The competition commences at 7.00am please check in before 6.30 am to allow for the checking of live wells, PFD’s etc and the briefing.

Before the start of the event a briefing will be given to all competitors.

The start order will be determined by receipt of entries. Where a number of entries arrive simultaneously a random draw from within those entries will determine the starting position.

Please remember that the emphasis is on having and enjoyable experience fishing in a competitive environment.
Thanks to everyone for your support…. The Organisers.

Last edited by Ian Sewell; 06-03-2015 at 05:27 AM. Reason: New minimum age rule for boats.
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