The Australian lure market has an excellent range of hand made lures on offer. Whilst the majority of soft plastics are imported from the USA, Aussie made minnows and plugs are available right on our door step at a very reasonable price. We have chosen to feature four of the premier Bream lures here, with a little bit of history on each one.

Attack Minnows:

What initially started as a home business for Victorian Dan McGrath back in 1994 has produced one of the best Bream lures on the Australian market. Initially Dan began manufacturing lures with an old friend, where they made two different models. They each went their own way later and took one model with them. Dan took what is now the Attack Minnow whilst his friend took the model which grew into the Merlin range of lures. With this type of heritage the quality of Dan's lures is very high. He is happy to keep the business as a home based business, so that he can maintain the same level of quality for all his products.

The Attack minnow is a 5cm shallow diving lure with a tight action which is maintained even at the lowest of speeds. A small amount of body roll compliments the action to give the Bream angler an excellent all-round casting lure. A quick look through "How to Catch Bream on Lures and Flies" will show picture after picture of huge Bream taken on one of Dan's minnows. Top selling colours include the Yellow Tiger/Red Scale (3), Yellow Tiger/Green Scale (4), Pink and Mauve Tiger (8), Gold Tiger (17) and the Silver Tiger (18). All Attack minnows are hand tuned by Dan before being packaged.


Halco Sneaky Scorpion 35:

Western Australian tackle manufacturer Halco has recently purchased RMG lures and their excellent Scorpion range of minnow lures. Halco Scorpions have always accounted for Bream, but a few modifications to their sinking 35mm Scorpion has produced an awesome lure which will take more than its fair share of finicky fish.

The new "Sneaky" Scorpian 35 has been tweaked to produce a lure that suspends in midwater when the retrieve is stalled. It floats toward the surface in slow motion leaving plenty of time for a following Bream to ambush. Using this lure for the first time will have most anglers wondering if the lure has fallen off as most other lures rise within a few seconds. The new Halco lure will rise from about 1.5m deep over about 10 seconds, in a perfect fish attracting motion.

The Halco Sneaky Scorpion is another shallow diving lure which has a lovely tight action. The body roll is again similar to the Attack in that it doesn't shake itself to bits, but rather shimmies through the water with ease. Whilst this lure has only been on the market since May 2002, the same colour range has been continued from the other Scorpion products. Top Bream colours include the Red Stripe (R4), Fire Fin (R5), Chrome Gold/Orange Back, Mullet, Crawfish and Bloodnut. The Sneaky Scorpion 35 has a ball bearing enclosed inside its body for additional fish attracting power.


Deception Palaemon:

New South Wales lure manufacturer Paul Kneller been manufacturing his hand made lures from home out of timber . He has several models, the smallest of which is dynamite on Bream. The Deception Palaemon is a 5cm floating minnow which dives to about 1.5m. It is a perfectly balanced lure which is also hand tuned by Paul before packaging. Whilst finding the Palaemon in shops can be a little tricky at times, persistance will reward you with a sensational lure that is almost guaranteed to catch Bream. The Palaemon and the Attack Minnow share a very similar colour range, so have a look at the top Attack patterns above and you will find something very similar in a Palaemon. One advantage of the Palaemon is the new chrome colours which are a proven Bream magnet.


Oargee Lil' Ripper:

Another top quality Australian made lure, the Oargee Lil' Ripper has proven itself a top Bream lure amongst some quality competition. This shallow diving little minnow has recently taken out the latest heat of the NSW B.R.E.A.M.

Diving to 1.2 metres, this lure has a great action that is perfectly complimented by a reasonable body roll. These fantastic little lures are now available in our online store.



Bream on Lures Basics:

  • Use small lures in the 3.5cm - 5cm range
  • Floating Minnows that can rise to the surface work best
  • Modify your lures by removing the middle hook
  • Replace your hooks straight away with chemically sharpened replacements
  • Always retreive as slow as you can whilst keeping the lure "swimming"
  • Fish the rising tide and try to identify when the Bream are feeding
  • If your lure swims to the left, bend the eye very gently to the right...and vice versa.