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Reels Who’s using what, find out in here.

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Old 27-12-2017, 10:52 PM
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Two memes for this post - bit undoubtedly the mods would not be kind to it and I'd be booted for a field goal...


Having read bits and pieces and read that I'm a fanboy and support shimano and their technologies... ahh nah.

How many MM geard reels do i own = 0

The photo i put up was of the oscillation drive gears being MM toothed. I dont believe that they'll ever go to a MM main and pinion in spin reels similar finely cut like in the old Abu Cardinal reels.

And you can actively find me stating on quiet a few accounts that the Stella FI and SW have MM oscillator drive gears - some which have failed and I've replaced already.

Just bought a G, E Curado and 100 MG Core so my enthusiasm to the new dark arts of shimano is virtually zero. I dig shimano because dollar for dollar they work and last for me longer than anything else ive bought in the past.

When it comes to Daiwa hmm you may want to do some reading on their technologies and see how they ethically portray their stuff and how they warrant it in real time - you want planned obsolescence go that way.

Yeh i spin tools and service so whats your dig, I'm no engineer not good for the maths. But who've you referenced in your quoting about MM gears?

Anyhow I've got a mango to burry my face into on my break at work - all while screeching and running around with my arms flapping and stating I'm a fruitbat to all the customers...

On a side note - I am certainly going to buy the new Bantam casting reel when that is released 👌
Find me in the real world...

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