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Old 18-02-2016, 07:21 AM
Rowboat Rowboat is offline
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Tactics when on the water

Hi guys,

just wanted to pick your brains about the tactics you use when lure fishing, particularly when fishing new ground. In particular, how often you change lures at a certain spot or how often you move spots all together. I know this would be very subjective and dependant on conditions and that everyone's preference would be different, but just wanted to gauge the different techniques. The reason for asking is that when i'm out on the water, I find myself not really changing lures that often. Say, for a 4 hour session, I might only use 4 lures. I'm thinking I should be using more, but find myself persisting with a certain lure but just changing up the spot....probably not a bad idea as i get to really fine tune the way the lure works but could also be wasting valuable time on the water?

Would you guys (and girls) fish a certain area or lure for 20mins fishless before moving on for example? If it helps in understanding my situation, I fish in the Hawkesbury and mainly along the deeper edges/rock walls. The catalyst for the question was watching a few of the guys in the BETS series on the weekend from my breakfast vantage point....was clear there were different tactics used....

Any advice/thoughts would be great....cheers, Rowboat
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