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Old 10-02-2018, 08:14 PM
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Broken By The Collie

The Collie Will Not Win!

So after loosing my rod to the depths of the Collie River I was determined to not let the Collie get the better of me. I again decided to head to the river chasing Bream!
I had a Collie Yak supporter, Seth Oliver, contact me asking if I was keen to have another crack at the river with him so we organised an afternoon after work and we would fish until the sun went down. Seth decided to bring his daughter along for the session and proceeded to patiently cast away at the snags while his daughter chatted away asking a million questions as she sat on the front of Seths Hobie all wrapped up in her PDF. We managed a few nibbles and even both had a solid hook up but couldn't manage to see the fish let alone land them. It wasn't to be, so we both paddled back to our launch spot and loaded our cars feeling maybe next time we will land them.

The next attempt at the river would see a work mate try and dive to recover my rod. I had informed him it was lost in 8mtrs of murky, Bull Sharky, Collie River water but he gave it a good crack! Snorkel gear, weight belt and a dive torch in hand Dave gave it all he had but couldn't reach the bottom. After several attempts, one I was worried he wouldn't surface as he'd been down so long, he reported he couldn't see once down 4 mtrs so we gave up and decided to go fishing. Not even a bite on this occasion!! Jovially chatting by the 2 Cruisers we had a beer and decided the Collie iwas breaking me in atm LOL.

Tried My Luck At Capel

The Collie was annoying me so I tried my luck at a nice little spot, the Capel River mouth, with a lad named Shannon Norris. Well lets just say, we caught some Tailor LOL.

Defeated On The Collie Again!

I had organised to catch up with Ben Kelly for a Bream session on the Collie. It didn’t start to flash with me forgetting my paddle and having to rush home to get it. When I returned Ben was already on the water about 300 m from the launch point hitting the snags. Once on the water I didn’t bother fishing all areas, I needed to catch up to Ben, so I just hit known snags I’ve pull fish from previously or hooked up at. This was the 2nd snag I decided to cast a lure into, Ive been smoked at this snag on about 4 occasion’s so I was keen to see if me old mate was hungry. Well watch the vid, the rest is history.
I’ve had 4 (now 5) fishless sessions on the Collie, the first was the evening I lost my good rod in the middle of the river. So the Collie is doing my head in right about now.

So I Headed Up To Perth On A Fishin Mission!

I had been contacted by a couple of lads who had seen me loose my rod to the depths of the Collie River and they had offered a replacement. Such awesome generosity from the fishing community as a whole and a huge shout out to Mark Morris for the rod and net and Ruan Van Der Burg for the rod, they will be put to good use by the kids and I thanks lads.
After many conversations Ruan and I finally managed to catch up again for a fishing session, this time on the Swan River. Roo managed 10, all just over size and I managed 1, with Roo offering plenty of advice that I really should have taken. I had plenty of hits but I think they were just tail grabs. I persevered with my ‘Fatboy Swim’ but I should have taken Roo’s advice and switched to hard bodies right at the beginning and I think I would have hooked more. Being out classed by Roo’s superior knowledge and skill was humorous and it turned out to be a great session on the Swan and I gained a heap of knowledge thanks to Ruan.


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