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Old 16-06-2017, 09:31 PM
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Pflueger Trion XT Gen 2 Rods.

While Pflueger had a pretty good run and success with the origional Generation 1 Trion both with the HM-45 blank and initial run for years with Fuji Alconite Concept Guides, and then later running to the Fuji Alconite K guides as they became cost effective. Pflueger retained the quiet quality build during throughout the Gen 1 (version 1 and 2), with the decent cork grips and Fuji casting and spinning reel seats all the way without resorting to cheap hardware even at their price point.

Later came the Gen 2 'XT' Trion - where did the XT came from is anyone's guess. Some sites mention it and some don't but I will for the sake of it I guess.

Initial perceptions to me were the spin rods were too noodley (even whi.e retaining the same HM-45 blanks) and the guides too heavy for the blanks. And up untill just recently I noticed that the rods with the Pflueger sticker on the reel seats both casting and spinning were actually knock off Fuji seats (http://www.breammaster.com/forum/showthread.php?t=67714), they're not bad however not worth it if the rod beside it - for the same money sports a better Fuji seat.

I recently bought some Rapala Maxwell rods, yeh love them however I do have a evident hole in my range for my rebuilt Curado 50e, which at this time Rapala can't fill. Sporting that Curado on the heavier Gen 1version 1 Native Specialist Trion 4-8 kg was alright for a few trips however did become very clear that using that for bass was pretty much overkill. Best leave that rod for the Curado G5/7.

All I want this rod for is a basic creek - frog and popper casting duty, things under 8 or 10 grams...

So anyway onto the guts, searched high and low for a longer than 6'0" rod everywhere... Went to 5 local stores, two being BeeCeeFff which have absolutely nada, the TW which had everything from 10 years ago or more and the only 1 rated rod I was chasing was too short and $400, with a very basic build and "made in China" proudly lashed on the blank I kept moving on...

Tried looking online with the usual avenues being OS and locally. Couldn't find what I wanted to the tee, and what I did I couldn't find enough information to "buy now" click. What I did stumble over was very low quantity stock of the Gen 2 XT Trion's for $99 - all of which seem to be on run out most possibly due to ATTACH coming soon.

Looked around and nearly gave up untill I actually found a store with 3 available, and after being put on hold 6 times after asking my questions and finally I got a response "yeh mate we'll match it on price". So Anglers Warehouse Tweed Heads got the visit on the stidly wet day and the coin. Looked at two rods which were there, one had wonky guides and a hole in the epoxy so passed onto another which was perfect. So got the rod - $99 on run out prices.

These Trion'sdon't seem to have nowhere near the patronage of the Gen 1 rods, no reviews no praise and no mention on here?

Anyhow so here are a few words on this model alone.

The rod as a whole, 6'4" (1.90m), I like my baitcasters a little longer and this is near enough my MC Benkei BF length.

** I would have preferred a 2 piece but not available...

Grips look easy enough on the eye, they started much lighter in comparison.our but have been sealed with my cork sealer solution...

Closer up of the cork - certainly not as quality as it was of the Gen 1 Trion's. Mind you cork isn't cheap or as good as it was years ago I've been told by quiet a few people.

Looks for the models that have the Fuji grip, it just feels a little better and we all know what to expect with Fuji.

Extremely hard to capture but the lower blank above the foregrip has a nice criss cross pattern on the blank, visually appealing in the sun. Quiet like the colour of the Gen 2 Trion's.
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Old 16-06-2017, 09:50 PM
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The rod specs, picture the wrong way round... typical.

Just turn your laptop or phone upside down to view right.

I wish they would just keep to more legible type font...


The blank above the foregrip is cleared with an epoxy to see the criss cross wrap, however above the stripper guide its done with a satin clear, it brings out some marble finish out of the blank which is again pleasing to see in the sunlight; you can see it a bit more in the next pic.


The black framed stainless Alconite ring K guides, all bang on this rod. Epoxy good and bindings perfect. If by chance a guide pops I can see trying to replicate the guide thread may be a chore...


Heading up the rod towards the upper side - 9 running guides and a tip makes for a nice bend and the line is well supported off the blank which I like. Nothing worse than too few and when bending the line rubs all over the rod blank...

Anyhow, if anyone is chasing a light BC rod for a smaller profile reel such as a 50 or older 100 size Shimano's, or the newer Daiwa CT Fuego / Tatula models, these rods will suit perfectly for either saltwater or freshwater pursuits.

For $99 run out they're a good buy.

Another thing I did notice is that Pflueger's warranty has dried up to a dusty dribble. What was once 5 years now is only 12 months. Can't expect too much, but for a quality rod build with the hardware it sports it's again a cheaper alternative to a custom built rod and nearly nearly nearly is perfect within regards to what I ultimately wanted in a rod and looked high and low for.

Hope it helps.

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Old Yesterday, 03:27 AM
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Great report, do you or anyone else know why the same model pfluegers from DohDohDoh are a different colour ? They are the same colour as the transcendant travel rods as per photo from the report you done on them that I have attached

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Old Yesterday, 07:34 AM
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You know i actually haven't put them side by side. But will do some time this weekend.

Was so long ago, i did that Transcendant write up...
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