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Old 28-06-2019, 05:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Slazmo View Post
The way the Americans hook their fish, I'm surprised full reconstructive surgery isn't a common thing on their bass...
Yeah its a particularly obnoxious way to fish.

I understand it in densely weeded ponds. You either fish with 60lb braid and rip their heads off and skim them across the surface.....

or you dont fish those ponds, because every fish would instantly bury you in the weeds.

I've been guilty of it when a school of red-fin is hunting on the other side of a 6ft deep weed bed and I'm landbased - but it gets old, real quick.

But if I had no choice - and that was the only style of fishing available to me - I spose thats what I'd do.

What I wouldnt do is strike the way they strike, when sharing a boat deck with a mate. Thats just flat out obnoxious and a strain of rudeness I cannot abide.

Violently striking a fish, with your rod swept low and back towards a fellow anglers face, is super weird behavior.

(but there is science to the way they do things - unfortunately that's one of the better ways to pull a bass through dense cover)

But just like medieval English armies refused to use crossbows because it wasnt "cricket" - Waving a loaded pulsating rod, in another mans face, is a step I'm not willing to take

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