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Old 21-01-2019, 03:51 AM
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If you can pick up a shimano raider rod you'll be fit for all your bream/whiting/flattie fishing from now into the future! there's a good number of 2 piece rods, usually in high availability and they tend to be a bit more forgiving than other full graphite rods. If you're going to be land based more often than not then I'd suggest looking at the 722BREAM model or the 762 model at 7'2 1-4kg and 7'6 2-4kg respectively.

If you're tight for space the 6'6 1-3kg model (662ULSP) is a great all-rounder for bait and lures and I'd part with far more expensive rods before getting rid of mine.
Any small reel should be fine for the most part but i'd look to the big two brands (daiwa/shimano) myself. On top of that if you are enjoying the luring I recommend grabbing a small crank such as the atomic cranks mid depth or cranka crank shallow as whiting love them on a continuous slow wind.

The flats on a rising or high tide will certainly see fish more concentrated in the shallow water. This will generally make fishing surface lures a bit more productive but fishing channels on the run out will definitely work as you've proven.

If you are finding that you're getting follows but not strikes you may want to downsize your leader to a lighter rating; down to 4 or 6 pound. Alternatively you could also downsize the lure to something smaller or add stinger assist hooks to the rear if they are missing the lure. Hope that helps mate, let us know how you go!
"He who dies with the most gear, wins"
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Old 22-01-2019, 12:18 AM
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a bit of help please

hi there and thanks for the reply,
well i went out very early this morning and it turned out a bit late for the incoming tide and not much action. i tried both bait and lure and got two nice fish on my lure just enough to keep me excited. i got absolutely no bites with the bait so i was pretty happy with the lure.
when i got home i threw the lure out again and had 30 -40 huge whiting continuously follow the lure up with no touches. should i try a lure that stays below the surface?
i then went inside and replaced the lure with the smaller version hf-199 and straight away i got a thumper!
the thing is i still didn't hook i until i was 10feet from me,is that odd.
any way shortly after i forgot the bail arm was down,broke the line and lost the lot.
went back to bait and got 3 more beauties.
can anyone recommend 3 maybe 4 of the best lures as i will now have to buy some more.
gee this is great fun.
regards paul.
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Old 22-01-2019, 09:30 AM
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surface: I use the 45mm Halco roosta popper
subsurface: blackmagic bmax
pontoon 21 crackjack
strikepro pygmy
white and prawn imitation colours are my preferred
with subsurface I find a rapid twitching retrieve to be most effective

worm style soft plastics also work really well
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