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Old 23-01-2018, 08:59 PM
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Reel service intervals - thoughts.

So saw a video the other day with a prominent person in the game and watched it through, certain things i can agree and certainly disagree on but thats life and thats everyones opinions that they're more than welcome to.

But at the end of the vid the comment goes a little like this "use the reel more and service less and use the reel less and service more".

Now I've heard a lot and not wanting to say I'm right over anyone but to me the comment was certainly a bit awkward - for common sense would dictate the direct opposite.

What I was saying a while back is that the following would make good sense for a range of scenarios.

Tourno fishers - service as frequently / as necessary - due to reels being used near full time off boats and getting the wet on wet treatment more than say a weekend warrior.

Weekend warriors - service as frequently as desired - the harder you fish the harder the reels will work and common sense would sugest that they need some love. These guys fish hard and that shows on their gear so anything from 6 / 12 monthly or if it gets dunked etc.

Occasional fisho's - like myself in the sporadic event after work, light weekend work and spur of the moment you would see the intervals drawn out to 12 months - with own light touch ups along the way.

Seldom fisho's - 12 months or as seen fit - keep the reels moving and self touch ups as required.

Now doing touch ups I would say helps prolong a service interval for bearings especially the LRB. Some like in the newer range of Shimano's where no service port exists a screw removed and exposing the bearing to get to its face with a pinpoint oiler is absolutely best along with other bearings around the reel. Aling with that adding oil to the shaft and any shaft / pinion bearing is a must to allowing some form of wear resistance between those applicable parts.

Grease and oils are consumable and definitely a expendable thing in a reel, they do wear out and should be replaced, they can be added to as the old grease from the main and pinion is usually 'thrown / shorn" off the gears from pressure or an accumulation of speed and pressure during fishing itself - and worse when reels are heated in the direct sunlight (radiant heat) where greases start to soften and oils can flash off & it all starts to go bad for the gearbox.

In some exceptional circumstances grease on the main and pinion becomes metallic where the lesser grade / strong (usually aluminium) drive gear wears against the pinion and the grease traps the worn metallic fragments and it will just promote further wear - funily enough the reel remains smooth while this cutting compound of sorts just keeps grinding away at both surfaces. This usually meaning a heart transplant or the reel in time of the main and pinion gearing and if bad enough the idler gears too for oscillation as its all worn relatively over the lifetime.

Its all strange at the moment with thoughts and "trends" & FB followings usually disputes erupt into arguments just because of 'loyalties'. What i want to do is discuss this and not get to any arguments or promote anything and no malicious thoughts intended on any party.
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