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Old 10-03-2018, 07:36 PM
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rod selection help

hi guys,
i am a beginner here so some help would be appreciated.
Iam interested in surface lures (silver whiting) and have a 2500 Shimano sodona reel and are looking at a shimano catana 702 7' 2 piece rod.
i want to keep the price down as i am just learning and want to start slow.
can someone help me with suitable braid and leader size please.
thank you
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Old 10-03-2018, 10:40 PM
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Hi Budget
As you are just starting out with this keep it simple. Start with a very light and thin line and for a beginner i would probably recommend something like Fireline in probably the 4LB. You need this line to be light to be able to throw the light lures required any distance which is important.
As for the leader if you are throwing lures at Whiting i personally use a short length of 14-16LB normal monofilament. The line is seldom in the water and the fish follow the lure from the rear normally so light line is simply not required. Tie this to your braid via and FG knot, learn how to tie this it will be handy for any type of fishing. If you can not do this a double Uni or albrite will do as you can cast with the knot outside the guides.
Unfortunately not many of the budget option rods are great for this however the Catana and up to their maikuro range all come in at under $100 in the Shimano range. There are a lot of entry level rods of different brands to look at under $100 just make sure it is 7 feet long or longer and rated at no more than 4 KG for Whiting.
Hope this helps. There are quite a few very experienced Whiting fisho's on this site who i am sure will chip in here shortly.
Regards to all Dick
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Old 10-03-2018, 11:21 PM
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I have never felt the Catana rod but before you buy, check that it has a flexible tip. Give the rod a shake and make sure the top half has a nice wobble to it. The softer tip will reduce the chance of pulling the hooks when the whiting make a run for it.

Try out a couple of pflueger rods if your local store has them. I used to use a pflueger trion in the 2-4kg rating which worked well. I felt a pfluger lithium today which also felt pretty good (6'11" and 1-3kg) you can pick them up for around $100 if you buy right. The lithium is very thin and light.

As far as line goes 4lb would be the go. I wouldn't go any thicker. Fireline exceed will do the job. As far as leader goes I would suggest you learn how to tie an FG knot and tie on a short 60-70cm 10lb or 12lb mono leader. If your local store has it or can get it I would recommend Unitika Silver Thread Trout Clear Copolymer. In my opinion it is the best leader for surface fishing, It is soft, strong and floats like mono but is allso less visible than normal mono. Its around $20 a spool.
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