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Old 05-01-2018, 07:04 AM
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Tearing down a Stradic FH - picture heavy...

Another revival thread...

Bought some old reels over the last few weeks - Stradic FH, Curado e5, Core MG and last but not least a Calcutta Conquest 300F - all mint or near enough to it for their relative age.

So did the tear down on the Stradic the Curado and Core today... More than pleased and wanted to show the inner workings of the Stradic - an oldie no doubt but last of the Japanese made models before the Malaysian FI and FJ (another favorite) and current FK. This reel for the sake of it is terrible compared to my favourite the FJ - the FH has a inserted handle with a screw lock and has heaps of play in the handle / main gear shaft for that particular reason - otherwise its well built and practical and most likely caught its fair share of fish over the model run in the real world and will have a healthy fan base following.

So anyhow today cracked it open and here are some observations - and if your looking into buying some old gold reels; here are some things to look out for / hints into your own reel etc.

Original box - Having a good condition or there abouts box helps, some people dont keep these and theyre in land fill and usually you'll just get the reel itself. However reel with box and all paperwork will bring a higher price (reel dependant). Otherwise its just a nice thing to have and to keep the reel safely in.

Sadly I myself have butchered a lot of my old Stradic F boxes and only kept the fascia and side of the box with the specs - better little than non, however Iam space poor to keep multiple empty boxes.


Overall condition - a no brainer... Overall paint (scratches, dings and chips), corrosion (bubbles under paint etc), handle grip especially on these being Septone and they're riveted on for life, bail straight, dings on spool and other visual cues for the reel and the life its had. This particular reel has some cosmetic blemishes and yeh they were more evident after a good clean and in sunlight than my original inspection while going through a bit of a rough patch with other things going on in life...


One good one to look out for is the spool sticker, they're usually peeled off and discarded, however some sneaky buggers peel them off carefully, apply them to a piece of plastic and store them with the box - when it comes to sell they'll usually place them on (if they've looked after the reel very well) and try selling for new. On this particular model I bought you can see the line has been applied over the sticker and its indented and the sticker is wrinkled from line pressure once over it.

Or on another hand, some owners have a "hero" spare spool which they'll apply to the reel and sell with only one spool and pass it off for new.




On these old FH's and prior models the chrome was applied via a method where a deposited 'copper or similar' phosphate is applied to the plastic and then chromed over in gold chrome - only way for it to stick back then. When achieved a clear coat is applied over that, and that clear coat can be measured in the microns literally, a stiff breeze could remove it. But typically a reel being fished normally will leave some marks and these are telltale of use and exposure to a saltwater environment.

Bit of a vid how they do it properly these days


If you don't look after them they will go green and honestly trash the reels overall look and total worth - the availability of these cowlings is next to finding unicorn poo, in a meadow under a rainbow with a pot of gold at its end - all within walking distance from where you sit... I honestly would like to look into getting them recoated and in a less gaudy champaign gold similar to the spool - can be done but cost dependant...

Find me in the real world...

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