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Old 11-03-2018, 11:01 PM
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Hi Slaz,

After re-reading your excellent post, I got to thinking about a couple of my working curado E baitcasters. They see moderate use, certainly not a flogging, and I have no intention of parting with any of them any time soon. Instead, I hope to use them for many more years to come and thought it might be wise to invest in some spares for the future.

Having recently hit a dead end with Daiwa (Aust) spares for a 10 year old saltiga, it may be time to procure some spares now rather than later. What would you suggest as the key spares to focus on for shimano baitcasters? Of course, different models may have their individual quirks, but a general guide my be a good useful?

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Old 11-03-2018, 11:29 PM
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Hey mate. Key parts for wear are very individualistic per reel and per reel owner, depends on severity of use and timeframes between services and wear on reels during those timelines.

If your wanting to stockpile a few parts i would say - if it were i doing the same.

1 - gear set in favourite ratio
2 - worm drive and pawl - especially if you fish in dirty / sandy areas
3 - spare line guide pawl cap if its plastic - or get a metal one if available (for instance spare 200B pawl caps are on backorder till May 2018)
3.5 - spare idler gears if really anal about it.
4 - handle knobs if you like those septone rubber
5 - "maybe" a spare AR bearing and sleeve - if your slow on servicing or have a inclination for them to wear or rust out

Wouldn't worry too much about other things as they seem to last well enough, bearings can be sourced locally other than OEM sources - as they too source locally i found out.

Otherwise the cleaner a reel with good quality greases and oils in it the longer parts will last - its a philosophy that reigns true in most mechanical terms with longevity and routine service periods.

I know some will say BS "i never service my reel" but when it does swallow its tongue it'll be usually worse than expected over normal parts failure.
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Old 12-03-2018, 01:58 AM
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Excellent. Precisely the info I was seeking.

I did have in mind a spare gear set and also a worm drive / pawl set, but was not sure about the remainder. Definitely had not considered the A/R bearing. As for ball bearings, they're pretty much a commodity item and I'm not at all worried about non-original bearings.

Thanks for replying. Your advice is much appreciated.

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