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Old 24-11-2020, 03:58 AM
Sean DRose Sean DRose is offline
Join Date: Nov 2020
Location: Maribyrnong, Melbourne VIC
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Hi from Maribyrnong Melbourne

Hi all,

I'm Sean and new to bream fishing.

I used to go bait fishing to the tambo and Lakes Entrance with my dad as a kid but we never really had any real idea about what we were doing.
We'd catch the occasional bream and aus salmon in the lakes but after many trips of no fish, I moved onto trout and fly fishing and have been doing that seriously for about 25+years catch and release.

I never really had any interest in bream, to me it was all sandworms, pippis and certainly not in the Maribyrnong which I assumed was either polluted and/or fished out.

Then comes the corona virus lockdown and the Nong is the only fishable water within 5kms of me so I give it another look and discover a few youtube channels targeting bream.
(thanks Fishing Victoria; Paul Malov, Tommy mac etc)

Wow, not only are these guys catching fish consistently, but they're getting some decent fish, and on lures. Now i'm interested.
So I venture out and get a couple of good fish on bread w circle hooks
(got to start somewhere).
Then I got myself a bream raider, 6lb braid and some soft plastics and now i'm determined to get good at this.

I mainly fish around edgewater, but i'm having a really hard time on the plastics. I've probably fished about 8 or 9 sessions with no fish so im looking for help from the pros.
(Yes, i'm using the zman 1/16 or 1/20oz, 2.5inch grub in motoroil and going really slow)

I really hope this forum is still alive, my google searches on bream kept bringing me to posts on this forum so I know you breammaster guys are like minded. The registration page didn't work so I had to email the admins to get on board.

My focus will be on the nong and edgewater for the moment as i'm a keen sight fisher and I can spot them pretty readily.

I'm hoping to make my forum contributions a journey into the world of bream fishing and hopefully a story of me going from novice to pro!

So far I have only caught one fish on a sp. I spotted him in a concrete drain thing eating the weed (i think) off the side, i dropped the plastic straight down and he nailed it. That's been my only success so far.
Most of the time they spook whenver the sp come near even if i cast well beyond them and gently jig it back. They even spook when the plastic has been sitting on the bottom and they cruise into sight.
Trying to figure it all out.

Thanks guys, i'd like to hear from those of you who are still lurking around and keen to help a new guy into the sport!

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